Hackaday Omnibus

"Of course print is dead. That's why we put a skull on it." - Brian Benchoff, Contributing Editor

Omnibus 2014

In 2014, we decided to, somewhat counterintuitively, for the first time put out a print edition on what used to be an online-only publication. My job was to make it happen.

The timeline was tight, and there were a lot of things to learn along the way, but we have managed to pull it off. My main role on the project was Creative Direction, Layout and Graphics Design. Joe Kim and Ivan Lazarevic have contributed most of the illustrations.

This 80-page volume had a total print run was 2,500 copies, and it ended up being sold out. 


The next year's Omnibus release was much more aggressive. Total of 128 pages, full color, print-only original content, evolved design style, more attention to detail and better art. 

My role on the project was primary Creative Direction, Layout and Graphic Design, as well as a bit of Illustration work. Main illustrator on the project was Joe Kim with additional works by Ivan Lazarevic. 

Initial run of the 2015 Omnibus is 2,500 copies with a plan for a second run. 


Omnibus vol #3 is currently in the works, with a new article cover page style.