Hackaday Superconference | MOTION GRAPHICS

2015 Superconference

Hackaday Superconference took place in San Francisco on November 14-15 2015. It was an invite-only event bringing together 350 of the most amazing hardware engineers, creative technologists and hackers from all over the world. 

To promote this event, we have started out with a simple motion graphics teaser, which was created over the course of 6 hours on a train ride between San Francisco and Los Angeles: 

Even though the event was announced only 45 days before it would take place, the interest was huge, so we have decided to create a new "official" event video, to elevate the overall event image. This time a little bit more effort was involved:

The video soundtrack is composed by Richard Hogben and 3D models used were created both using Blender and direct code-level manipulation of Wavefront .obj files. Final editing was done using Adobe After effects. 

The main goal of the video was attempting to evoke the "demo scene" aesthetics by using generative graphics while combining it with a more modern soundtrack and a strong focus on typography. This was in line with conference's aspirations to create the sort of environment that reminds the audience of the time when computing felt "magical," while not turning it into reminiscing about the past.

A number of "derivative" video loops have been created in the style of the "master" video, which were played during announcements of each speaker as well as between sessions. 

This enabled smooth transitions between different segments and along with periodic repetitions of the master video, gave the entire event a uniform feel.

2016 Superconference

2016 Superconference took place in Pasadena, CA. Visual direction follows the previous year's aesthetics and creative approach.

Teaser video:

Session intermission video:

2019 Superconference