Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic

Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic is a monthly meetup in San Francisco focused on developing electronic products. Talks and discussions are themed around "hard" topics in this space and bring together some of the most amazing hardware engineers and product designers in Silicon Valley.

In order to create a unique feel for this series, and differentiate it from multitude of other "meetups" in the area, each event is accompanied with it's own unique poster. Though the posters are quite different, the common theme across all of them is being done the "night before" the event announcement, based on whatever the first idea turns out to be at the time. Spontaneity of this process and the "unfinished" nature of the work is trying the reinforce the DIY / "underground" nature of the entire series. 

You can find all the posters from the series at the event meetup page.