The Factory of the World

Documentary on the Shenzhen Ecosystem


This mini-documentary explores the life and shape-shifting worldviews in the area surrounding the Pearl River Delta region of China. It contrasts opinions of different characters, corresponding to some of the common stereotypes frequently seen in this part of the world. The tension between different microcosms and uncertainty about its future is built up by the presence of 40-minute long slowly-evolving uninterrupted drone sequence, signifying the inherently industrial nature of every bit of life in this region.

Due to the popularity of the topic, the video had a surprisingly high number of viewers, which also resulted in an incredibly large number of people, which otherwise couldn't stand drone sound, inadvertently being exposed to 40 minutes of it, in the lowest form of its sophistication.  Still, due to the relevancy of the content, most of the viewers kept watching through the end. Finishing the video in almost a dream-like state and waking up to the realization of the kind of "sonic torture" the viewer has been exposed to, left many of them angry, as can be seen in the Youtube video comments.

It felt great.