2015 Hackaday Prize Video

The Hackaday Prize is an annual competition challenging engineers, designers and hackers from around the world to collaborate in building hardware products which address some of the world's key problems, with first prize being a trip to space or $196,883 in cash. For the purpose of promoting the challenge, I have directed two videos in collaboration with Richard Hogben. 

The first video was meant to be a "teaser" and has launched on the Groundhog Day / February 02 2015, suggesting in a playful way that the Prize is happening again this year. Within the video is embedded a puzzle leading to a project on Hackaday.io website that contains additional info about the upcoming event.

The video itself was shot within a very limited time window, on a rare rainy day at Apex Electronics, Los Angeles.

Shortly thereafter, we headed out to Mojave desert, where we have filmed the official promo video, which has aired a month later. 

Most of the footage was shot at Kelso Dunes and involves the building of fictional "moisture vaporator" in the middle of the desert (a prop for which has been created beforehand and transported to the site), symbolizing different people joining forces in building an impossible device with the potential to save the planet.   

Finally, in order to bring the whole process down to Earth and communicate the experience we had on the road, we have put together a quick "making of" video, with more of a comical feel, which ended up being a great success. This quirky sequence has been used throughout the year all the way to the final announcement of the Prize in November 2015.